SoftLab-NSK encoders receive a television signal in one of the standard formats and convert it into a program within a MPEG TS. Modifications of coders for different combinations of input-output signals are provided. The input can be: analog, SD/HD/3G/UHD-SDI, HDMI signal, or programs in a MPEG TS, received via ASI or IP. The output stream can be sent out via ASI or IP.

Decoders perform the opposite task – they receive a transport stream with TV programs and then convert and output it in any of the required standard TV formats. The product can be used as part of a cloud solution or as a local video server. The product is installed onto a Windows PC. Supplied as a software kit and an input-output board (depending on the type of signal) or as an assembled video server. A server based on one board can provide encoding/decoding of several signals at the same time.

What is it designed for

Encoders and Decoders are highly specialized products. They are only intended for encoding or decoding a signal.

A multi-channel solution can function on the basis of one I/O board: an 8-channel coder/decoder based on the FD788 board, for example.  The most effective use is provided by complexes consisting of multichannel coders and decoders.

SoftLab-NSK coders/decoders are simple to use, convenient, and highly reliable. The standard set of presets allows you to quickly configure a coder without needing to dive into the specifics of the parameter settings. Additional software guarantees the automatic start and restart of the encoding/decoding processes in the case of failure. Various redundancy options can be implemented.


Forward TA – a full-functional broadcast server that allows for encoding and broadcasting to the Internet;
Forward TT – overlaying titles onto a broadcast signal;
Forward TP or Forward TM – broadcasting a signal with a time shift ;
SLAdsRemover – signal rebroadcast with removed advertising.

Encoder modifications

Select the required encoder modification by answering the following questions:

  • type of input signal: analog (CVBS, YUV, YC, RGB), SDI, HDMI, MPTS via ASI, MPTS via IP;
  • maximum resolution: SD, HD/3G, UHD; 
  • number of input signals for encoding; 
  • type of encoding:
    • AVC software; 
    • MPEG-2 software; 
    • hardware and software based on Intel Quick Sync Video MPEG-2/AVC/HEVC technology (requires a server processor with IQS support);
    • hardware and software based on NVENC AVC/HEVC technology (requires a video card with NVENC support); 
    • output interface: IP, ASI.
Request a list of all encoder modifications with prices.

Decoder modifications

  • type of input signal: MPTS via ASI, MPTS via IP;
  • output signal standard: analog (CVBS, YUV, YC, RGB), SDI;
  • maximum resolution: SD, HD, UHD.

 Request a list of all decoder modifications with prices.

Key features

The product provides:

  • an operator interface for setting up and controlling the encoder/decoder for the required number of channels;
  • standard presets for quick setup; 
  • receiving and outputting TV signals in a given format;
  • encoding/decoding of a signal according to the specified parameters.

Since the product is highly specialized, it does not include broadcast control, title overlay, etc.

The following protocols can be used for output to an IP network:

  • UDP Unicast/Multicast;
  • RTP;
  • SRT;
  • RTSP;
  • HLS.

The encoders can receive subtitles: 

  • Teletext; 
  • DVB Subtitles;
  • Closed Caption.

SCTE-104 Signal Support – encode SCTE-104 cues into SCTE-35 and embed them into the output signal.


– tech support is provided free of charge for as long as the product is in use;
– software updates come out regularly and are available, free of charge, as long as the product is in use;
– for more information on our tech support policy and tech support in general, click here.

Product set

The product includes:

  • a set of SoftLab-NSK video input/output boards. The type and amount of boards depend on the product modification;
  • software for configuring and working with encoding/decoding schemes.


To purchase a product, please contact the Sales department of SoftLab-NSK or our official dealers. Our experts will help you:

  • select the required product modification;
  • offer options for upgrading an existing product;
  • provide the recommended technical characteristics of computers for use with the product;
  • set up free 3 month trial licenses in order to test the product.