FD322 Board


The FD322 board deals with CVBS, Y/C (S-video), YUV and RGB signals.
You can organize broadcasting of up to 2 independent channels via one FD322 board as it has 2 input and 2 output lines.
The board is plugged to PCI Express slot of PC mother board.
For commutation with external devices either a special cable (included into delivery product set) or a break-out box can be used (purchased separately).

The FD322 Board Specification

BusPCI Express x1
Video formatPAL, PAL+, SECAM (input only): 720×576, 25 fps, 4:3/16:9
NTSC: 720×480, 29.97 fps, 4:3
Internal video data processingYUV 4:2:2 or YUV with transparency 4:2:2:4, 8-bit per component
Video inputsTwo independent video channels with connection:up to 9 composite sources
up to 4 S-Video sources
up to 3 YUV sources
up to 2 RGB sources
Two channels of time-base correction (TBC)
Video outputsTwo video outputs. Supported modes:
– the same signal to both outputs
– two independent video channels
– Fill + Key (used for external titles mixing)
Possible combinations for each output:
– Y/C + CVBS
Video synchronizationVideo output genlock to one of the video inputs
Audio inputs4 mono or 2 stereo (balance)
Audio outputs4 mono or 2 stereo (balance)
Audio formatUncompressed (PCM), 16 bit, 48 KHz
Supported OSWindows
Audio delayConfigurable audio delay (independent for each input channel)
Audio synchronizationSynchronizing audio to the video signal
Sound level0 dBV linear RCA (cable)
+4 dBu balance XLR (breakout box TF790)
Power usage8 W

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Commutation of the Board With External Devices

For commutating of the board with external devices – sources and receivers of audio/video signal – either commutation cable or commutation panel (break-out box) are used.

Commutation cable has D-sub connector for connecting with FD322 board and a set of RCA connectors for connecting with external devices. All connectors are marked correspondingly.
The following devices in different combinations can be plugged to the board by means of a cable:

  • Sources of video signal: CVBS (up to 9), Y/C (up to 4), YUV (up to 3), RGB (up to 2);
  • Sources of audio signal: 4 mono or 2 stereo lines, non-balanced signal;
  • Receivers of video signals (up to 2 for each type of signal): CVBS, Y/C, YUV, RGB;
  • Receivers of audio signals: 4 mono or 2 stereo lines,
    non-balanced signal.


FD722 – SDI: SD/HD/3G; ASI. 2 IN & 2 OUT;
FD788 – SDI: SD/HD/3G/UltraHD; ASI. 8 configurable IN/OUT;
FD922 – SDI: SD/HD/3G/UltraHD/12G; ASI. 2 IN & 2 OUT;
FD720 – HDMI. 2 IN;
FD940 – HDMI. 4 IN.


The board is out of production. It can be exchanged for other boards at a discounted price.

If you have any questions, please contact the Sales department of SoftLab-NSK.