Forward Ingest


Forward Ingest systems are used at the filming stage when creating shows and TV programs. They provide synchronous multichannel recording of audio and video signals from several cameras. The recorded footage is frame synchronized.

Up to 12 sources can be connected to the Forward Ingest server. An important feature of the system is the absence of strict requirements for the synchronization of signals at the input and the ability to simultaneously work with multi-format cameras: analog, SDI, IP, NDI, HDMI – SD/HD/3G.

File containers: AVI, MPEG2 TS (MPEG2 I-Frames), MXF OP1A (MPEG2 I-Frames), MP4, Apple ProRes. For MP4, hardware encoding is supported using Intel Quick Sync Video and NVidia NVENC technologies. Sound can be recorded into a single video file or into separate WAV files.

It is possible to simultaneously create several series of files – to record the same signal into files with different video parameters as a series of original files and a series of proxy files, for example. The way the recorded content is divided into parts, the rules for file names and the rules for distributing files into folders can all be adjusted.

The hardware and software complex Forward Ingest is installed on a computer running Windows. The system includes video signal input/output boards and the SLIngest software. All components of the complex are designed and manufactured by SoftLab-NSK. The Forward Ingest system can also be purchased in the form of an assembled video server.

The Forward Ingest package includes video input/output boards and software

What is it designed for

Forward Ingest is used for the production of TV programs and shows when the workflow involves multi-camera shooting and subsequent editing of video footage shot from different angles. The Forward Ingest system provides multichannel recording of audio and video materials at the filming stage.

  1. At the beginning of the shooting process the system operator will set up the capture lines: the source parameters and the file series parameters, the rules for naming and distributing files into folders on the hard disk.
  2. During filming, the Forward Ingest server records signals from all cameras into files, ensuring frame synchronization of video materials. The operator controls the start and stop of recording and the capture lines in the program window. If one of the sources fails, the recording will not stop.
The SLIngest program window is an interface for configuring, managing, and monitoring the progress of multi-channel recording.
  1. One Forward Ingest server can be used alternately by different film crews. Reconfiguring the server, even if the production teams are working with different sets of cameras, doesn’t take much time. In such cases it is possible to save settings as presets and restore them when necessary.
  1. The use of the system reduces the time and effort spent by the operators and editors in order to process the video materials, greatly simplifies editing, and increases work efficiency:
  • audio and video materials that are recorded as a result of multi-camera shooting are automatically divided into parts of the required duration and saved in files of the required format; 
  • the files are assigned clear and convenient names for cataloging;
  • files are automatically separated into folders in accordance with the workflow;
  • the presence of proxy files provides the quick viewing and preliminary edits of materials on any computer;
  • materials filmed from different angles – both video and sound – are frame synchronized.


– multichannel recording and slow motion replays in live broadcasts of sports competitions and other events – Forward Goalkeeper;
– broadcast automation by the schedule with real-time control – Forward TA;
– recording streaming audio and video to WMV, MP4 files for archiving broadcasts – SLStreamCapture plugin.

Product modifications

Select the required modification of the “Forward Ingest” system by answering the following questions:

  • amount of input channels: 2–12;
  • signal standard: SDI, HDMI, NDI, IP, analog;
  • input resolution: SD, HD, Ultra HD (4K).
Request a list of all product modifications with prices.

Key features

Main features

Functional characteristics of the Forward Ingest system:

  • provides an interface for configuring and managing recording, monitoring the progress of recording. Interface languages: Russian, English; 
  • provides automatization of the following functions:
    • multichannel recording of audio and video data from cameras – up to 12 channels;
    • creation of several series of files at the same time: recording of the same material into different files with different video parameters; 
    • recording sound and video into one or several files;
    • synchronization of recorded audio and video materials with frame accuracy;
    • distribution of audio and video materials into files in accordance with the specified settings: part length, naming rules, folder distribution rules;
  • supports starting/stopping recording using external GPI events.
Input signals

The Forward Ingest system supports:

  • up to 12 input channels;
  • input signals: analog, NDI, IP, SDI, HDMI;
  • input resolution: SD, HD, Ultra HD;
  • there is no requirement for the unification of sources. The system allows the simultaneous capture of video and sound from sources of different types and resolutions;
  • there is no requirement for the strict synchronization of sources.
File formats

The Forward Ingest system records media content into files of the following formats:

  • media containers: AVI, MPEG2 TS (only MPEG2 I-Frames), MXF OP1A (only MPEG2 I-Frames), MP4 (video – AVC, sound – AAC), Apple ProRes (MOV); 
  • hardware encoding of data when recording to an MP4 container using Intel Quick Sync Video and NVidia NVENC; 
  • configurable parameters: compression, size, and frame rate;
  • audio track in video files or in separate WAV files.


– tech support is provided free of charge for as long as the product is in use;
– software updates come out regularly and are available, free of charge, as long as the product is in use;
– for more information on our tech support policy and tech support in general, click here.

Product set

The Forward Ingest product includes:

  • a set of SoftLab-NSK video input/output boards. The type and amount of boards depend on the product modification;
  • a set of cables for connecting video and audio signals;
  • the preinstalled Forward Ingest software.

The Forward Ingest system can also be purchased in the form of an assembled video server.


To purchase a product, please contact the Sales Department of SoftLab-NSK or our dealers. Our experts will help you:

  • select the required product modification;
  • offer options for upgrading your existing product;
  • give recommendations for the technical characteristics of the computer used with the purchased product;
  • issue free, three-month temporary licenses to test the product.