Hardware Splicer

Seamless insertion of content into TS programs. Device

The SoftLab-NSK hardware splicer is designed for seamless insertion of advertising into TV programs in a MPEG2-TS transport stream. Integrates into solutions for digital insertion of regional content into multiplex programs based on SCTE 35, SCTE 118 standards.

It is a device in a 1U or 3U case running on a Linux operating system. A 1U case can accommodate from one to four splicing boards. A 3U can support up to 12 splicing boards. One board provides fully automatic insertion into programs – up to 10 – of one multiplex. Transport stream received and transmitted via ASI. Splicer can be managed and monitored via web interface and SNMPv2 protocol.

The splicer allows for the seamless insertion of advertising and local programs into all or some of the digital multiplex programs. When splicing, the splicer replaces only the video and audio data, completely preserving the T2-MI data. A strictly fixed splicing algorithm developed by our company guarantees that the output streams of different splicers match down to the bit, which allows the use of SoftLab-NSK splicers in a single-frequency network.

SoftLab-NSK hardware splicer: splicing board in 1U case
SoftLab-NSK hardware splicer. Splicing board

What is it designed for

Choose the hardware splicer if you need to insert regional content via SCTE 35, SCTE 118 standards into several multiplex programs and the transport stream needs to be received/transmitted via ASI.

The SoftLab-NSK hardware splicer can be used to insert local programs and advertising blocks into cable network programs, for example.

In this case, the splicers are installed after the multiplexer and before the operator’s head station. Insertion schedules and video materials for all TV programs are prepared centrally, on one local FTP server, in accordance with the SCTE 118 standard. The splicers download videos from the FTP server and insert them into multiplex programs according to a schedule.

Cable network program insertion

Another possible use is forming several different TV programs from one general program: local versions of the governor’s channel for different cities of a region, for example.

Each city prepares local news releases and local advertising blocks in advance and transfers these blocks to the regional center. The broadcast server of the governor’s channel first broadcasts general regional news, then a block with city news. This block is marked by SCTE cues at the beginning and end. The splicer tracks these cues and will replace the labeled blocks with local content. As a result, each city will see its local news. The same applies to advertising blocks.

Splicer used for forming several different localized programs from one program

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Product modifications

Select the desired modification of the hardware splicer, which depends on the number of insertion channels being processed.

Request a list of all product modifications with prices.

Key features

General Characteristics

The SoftLab-NSK hardware splicer is a device in a 1U or 3U housing. The case can accommodate from one to four (1U) or up to 12 (3U) splicing boards. The boards are designed and manufactured at SoftLab-NSK, the PROFNEXT case is a Profitt company product.

One splicing board provides fully automatic insertion into programs – up to 10 – of one multiplex. Each board has an ASI input and an ASI output for digital TV data and an Ethernet port for setting up, monitoring and interacting with the advertising content server. HTTP, SNMPv2, FTP protocols are supported. A panel located on the device body can be used for local configuration of the device.

Web interface

The hardware splicer is equipped with a web interface through which the splicer is controlled and monitored. The web interface provides:

  • access to information about specified settings and the current state of devices and processes:
    • technical condition of the device;
    • processed insertion channels;
    • downloaded media clips;
    • tie-in schedules;
    • configuration files;
  • control functions:
    • turn modes on/off: Ignore cues, Bypass, Ignore schedule;
    • reset to initial state;
    • hardware restart;
    • software version update;
    • configuration files update;
    • schedule update;
  • monitors activity and receives log files
Web interface for managing the splicer

A set of tools is provided for monitoring devices based on the SNMPv2 protocol:

  • availability of an up-to-date playlist for the current and upcoming days;
  • report on broadcast media files;
  • presence of input/output streams;
  • editing stream parameters;
  • quality of input and output stream (number of errors at given levels and priorities);
  • Ethernet port connection status;
  • power, external/internal temperature;
  • amount of free space available on internal storage;
  • SMART parameters of internal media;
  • notification about sudden power loss on next startup.

Technical features

Amount of ProgramsUp to 10 programs in different PLP T2-MI or multi-program MPEG-2 transport stream
Video formatsMPEG-4 H.264/AVC/HEVC Standart Definition и High Definition.
The bitrate of the video should not exceed the bitrate of the video program.
Audio formatsMPEG-1 Layer 2, MPEG-2 Layer 2, AAC, multiple audio track support; the bitrate of the audio track of the video should not exceed the bitrate of the audio stream of the program; the compression of audio and video files should be the same
Cue formatSCTE 35
Playlist formatSCTE 118-3
Insertion accuracyFrame perfect
physical interfaces
Management1 x Gigabit Ethernet

T2-MI/MPEG-TS1 x ASI input, 1 x ASI output, (BNC – 75 Ohm), relay bypass during power failure
1 x Gigabit Ethernet input, 1x Gigabit Ethernet output (RJ-45)
Internal storageUp to 256 Gb SSD
Management and monitoringWeb user interface.
Splicer network management and monitoring system
Power supplyRedundant, 100-240 VAC (50 Hz)
physical parameters
Form factorRack-mounted version, 19″, 1U or 3U
The case has a built-in central processor. Configuration and monitoring of units – via the front control panel located on the front case cover, or through the WEB interface. Main and backup (optional) power supplies. Two global reference clock signals.
Board standard “PROFNEXT”
Dimensions(WхHхD) 1U – 483x414x44 mm; 3U – 483x414x133 mm.


To purchase a product, please contact the Sales Department of SoftLab-NSK or our dealers. Our experts will help you:

  • select the required product modification;
  • offer options for upgrading your existing product;
  • give recommendations for the technical characteristics of the computer used with the purchased product;
  • issue free, three-month temporary licenses to test the product.