The IPCamera plugin is an additional software option for Forward TT, Forward TA, and Forward TP. The plugin provides an additional function – the IPCamera title element. Using the IPCamera title element, audio-video data from an IP stream can be broadcast in the form of title overlays – in a window against the background of the main video (PiP). This can be used, for example, to display video from IP cameras or TV programs transmitted by the headend over the network using the IP protocol in picture-in-picture mode.

One license for the IPCamera plug-in allows you to display video from several IP sources as part of one TV program: simultaneously in several windows or sequentially in one window.

Setting up the IPCamera title element in the FDTitleDesigner program for preparing title projects


The plug-in adds the IPCamera title element to the product software. The element is designed to configure and control the playback of audio-video data from an IP stream in the form of title overlays.

The IPCamera plugin provides the following features for broadcasting streaming video and audio:

  • as many broadcast channels that can be quickly switched to as necessary. Limited only by computer resources; 
  • as many windows being simultaneously shown as necessary. Limited only by computer resources;
  • the size and position of windows are configured by the user; 
  • the ability to display several different programs (channels) from one or different IP streams as title overlays at the same time; 
  • ability to switch between different channels in one window;
  • economical use of computer resources when working with several channels, only the channels currently being aired are decoded.

Please note that:

a different function is recommended for the fullscreen display of data from an IP stream – the IPInput function (see the description in the documentation).


To purchase a product, please contact the Sales Department of SoftLab-NSK or our dealers. Our experts will help you learn more about:

  • the characteristics, features, and price of the plugin;
  • setting up a free, 3 month trial license in order to test the plugin.