X-Keys Consoles

Controllers for SPORTS SYSTEMS

SoftLab-NSK systems for sports broadcasts provide with a possibility of using external console when preparing and output of data on air.
In SoftLab-NSK you can purchase specialized consoles for sports systems:

  • X-Keys XKE-64 – for the Forward Goalkeeper system;
  • X-Keys XK-68 – for the Forward Referee system.

Key Features

Buttons and other control elements can be customized to complete the following:

  • mark event (important moment) for its further replay;
  • navigate quickly video material with specified rate (events, steps, frames, seconds);
  • correct event mark;
  • select current camera;
  • control replay playback speed;
  • prepare for launch, start, stop of replay.

XKE-64 JOG T-bar Replay Controller.
The Forward Goalkeeper System

In the Forward Goalkeeper system two consoles can be used simultaneously. Go to the page with the description of the Forward Goalkeeper system.

XKE-64 Jog T-bar Replay Controller

XK-68 Jog & Shuttle.
The Forward Referee system

Go to the page with a description of the Forward Referee system.

XK-68 Jog & Shuttle


To purchase consoles, please contact the SoftLab-NSK sales department.