Hardware for TV broadcast automation

We offer a variety of equipment for TV broadcast automation: I/O boards, monitoring devices, external consoles.

Consoles – control panels for sports systems

X-KEYS XKЕ-64External console for the Forward Goalkeeper slow motion system
X-KEYS XK-68External console for the Forward Referee video judging system

Monitoring devices

SLControlBoxCombined device for communication with external devices via GPI

Discontinued I/O boards

FD322Used as a hardware base for the Forward T product line. Works with all types of analog signal (composite, component, S-Video)
FD422The FD422 board is designed for working with SDI and ASI signals
FD842The FD842 board supports input/output/processing of HD/SD-SDI digital video signals
FD300FD300 board is no more manufactured and supported. For working with analog signals, FD322 board should be used instead

I/O BOARDS (current offer):

– FD788 – SDI: SD/HD/3G/UltraHD; ASI. 8 configurable IN/OUT;
– FD722 – SDI: SD/HD/3G; ASI. 2 IN & 2 OUT;
– FD922 – SDI: SD/HD/3G/UltraHD/12G; ASI. 2 IN & 2 OUT;
– FD720 – HDMI. 2 IN;
– FD940 – HDMI. 4 IN.