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RemoteOnAir - remote control of the FDOnAir application via local network / the Internet

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Important: RemoteOnAir is an additional option that is separately purchased.

We grant a temporary registration for 1 - 3 months testing any/all of the plugins. Please, inform Support of your FD322/FD422/FD842 board serial number or serial number of HASP key and the temporary registration will be sent to you.

Can be used with:

Forward T Forward TT Forward TA Forward TP Forward TS
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RemoteOnAir is an additional program option for a remote control of the FDOnAir application (basic application for broadcasting, is included into the ForwardT/ForwardTS set) by means of a local net/the Internet (VPN connection). It allows:

  • controlling over broadcasting (receive information on data playback etc.);
  • controlling over broadcasting interactively (launch ads, turn live signal on, output titles);
  • loading and executing broadcasting schedule.

There are 2 types of licenses to work with RemoteOnAir:

  1. For dealing with 4 OnAir licences;
  2. For dealing with 16 OnAir licences.

It is possible to access to one OnAir instance via several RemoteOnAir instances launched on different machines.

The application has a building-block concept. It has the main data controlling blocks that are also present in FDOnAir. User can select necessary blocks, for example, a block to control titles or a block to control ads output, and work with them. Other blocks (for example for controlling sound) can be unused.

Interaction via a local net between the RemoteOnAir and FDOnAir applications is implemented by means of sending text strings. It allows having a minimal network load comparing it with use of the programs like RemoteDesktop, RAdmin, VNC and others.

Remote control via the RemoteOnAir application requires adjusting of a network connection among used machines. Detailed information on instructions for configuring a network connection is available in the "Documentation" section.

 For more detailed information contact Support. Information on prices can be found in the "Where to buy" section. You can download a current version of plugins software in the "Download" section. Detailed information on plugins is available in the "Documentation" section.