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IPOut/ASIOut – organizing digital broadcasting additionally to analog and/or SDI

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Important: IPOut/ASIOut is an additional option that is separately purchased.

We grant a temporary registration for 1 - 3 months testing any/all of the plugins. Please, inform Support of your FD322/FD422/FD842 board serial number or serial number of HASP key and the temporary registration will be sent to you.

Can be used with:

Forward TN Forward TT Forward TA Forward TP Forward TS
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The options are designed for shifting smoothly from analog to digital broadcast. Video and audio data from FD322/FD422/FD842 boards outputs is compressed to MPEG2 or AVC format (H.264, MPEG4 part 10). Then the data is transmitted via IP or ASI interfaces.

The IPOut/ASIOut options in the first place are intended for users who have already purchased products of the Forward Т software set (analog/SDI broadcasting - Forward TT/ТА/ТP) and for those who want to organize digital broadcasting additionally, for example, to transmit a signal by cable operators.

The IPOut MPEG2/AVC option is a fully program option and does not require purchasing some equipment additionnaly (except items necessary for further transmitting of data via local network).

The ASIOut MPEG2/AVC option is a hardware/software option. Hardware in this case is FD422 board that is used to form output ASI signal.

The options can be also used as "extenders" to transmit signal via optical lines, for example, if broadcasting server is located in one place and transmitter is located far away. As a receiver located remotely in this case either the Set-top box (STB) device or our solution ("Forward TS IP2Analog/ASI2Analog Decoder") can be used.

IPOut option can be also used to transmit signal to a remote transmitter via the Internet by means of VPN. Possible loss of data package may occur when transmitting it via Internet. To solve this problem the FEC technology (Forward Error Correction) in IPOut option is used. The technology provides with an integrity of data transmission. Remotely located receiver in this case can be used the Set-top box device (with FEC support) or our solution ("Forward TS IP2Analog/IP2SDI Decoder" (supports FEC)).

What compression to select? Sometimes compression is selected, for example, by a cable operator or according to equipment that is on optical channel input. If you need to decide what compression should be used yourself take into account the following:

  1. AVC compression (Н.264, MPEG4 part 10) allows receiving lesser data stream (from 3 Mb/sec) in comparison with MPEG2 (from 6-8 Mb/sec) at the same quality.
  2. AVC compression larger loading on processor comparing it with compression into MPEG2. Picture quality is the same.

In solutions based on IPOut/ASIOut options for configuring and implementing stream broadcasting programs from IPOutOption products set are used. Configuration of work parameters and control over stream data are implemented via one of the programs:

  • SLStreamer Lite includes the main set of functions to configure typical broadcasting schemes and to control its functioning. Recommended to be used in the most of the cases;
  • SLStreamer Pro has extended set of functions comparing it with SLStreamer Lite. The program can be used if, for example, it is necessary to control over start and stop of stream broadcasting according to the schedule automatically.

 For more detailed information contact Support. Information on prices can be found in the "Where to buy" section. You can download a current version of plugins software in the "Download" section. Detailed information on plugins is available in the "Documentation" section.