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Forward Referee™

"Forward Referee" multichannel system is designed for on-the-fly reviewing of disputed events happened during hockey match. It can be used in other sports too.

The system is based on the "Forward Goalkeeper" product with advanced "Forward Referee" software for multichannel recording (up to 17 input channels) and reviewing video material. The system allows to mark important events during the match and review it with high accuracy (50 images per second). Marking events during match, quick navigation and further reviewing can be implemented by controlling the system via external consoles (are purchased separately).

Successfully used in 2014 IIHF World Championship.

General description

Hockey is one of the most spectacular, dynamic and difficult sports for refereeing. In every match we observe different kinds of body-checks with high player speed (puck speed may reach 200 km per hour, for example). Sometimes it is necessary to review some disputed events of the match. Video goal judge reviews replays of disputed goals and other disputed events.

Workplace of video replays referee

"Forward Referee" system is a software-hardware complex for on-the-fly reviewing of disputed events of hockey match. The system allows to review events in frame-by-frame mode (50 images per second). Reviewing does not interrupt recording. "Forward Referee" system allows you to get video report in a set of video files with the most interesting moments of the match.

FDReferee - Click here to enlarge

The system meets all requirements of Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) regulations. It can be a work place for video goal judge during official KHL matches. Successfully used on KHL and other arenas starting from 2009-2010 hockey season.

Main features of the system


  • Recording with a high quality (suitable for professional broadcasting) by up to 17 cameras (SD/HD/3G-SDI)
  • "Typing" of playing time in frames over the image
  • Integration with scoreboard of the arena for receiving playing time
  • Reviewing does not interrupt recording
  • Possibility of stopping and starting recording at any time

Review of events

  • Frame-by-frame events reviewing (50 images per second)
  • Displaying image on extra monitor for video goal judge to examine and on remote TV monitor for main judge to watch disputed event
  • Displaying enlarged image from any camera on extra monitor
  • Delay between the event and its reviewing is less than 2 seconds
  • Instant switching between cameras when reviewing event
  • Automatic creation of video report on interesting events when necessary
  • Broadcasting to the Internet and transmitting data to the KHL committee office in real time

Operating convenience

  • Integrated system with simple, intuitive and configurable user interface
  • Marking events ensures quick navigation for further reviewing
  • Use of any analog cameras and possibility of adjusting image parameters
  • Disconnection of one or several cameras does not influence the system performance
  • Possibility of viewing input video in the preview windows
  • Support of external consoles to control the system
  • Ease of starting the system to work and a short time for training technical personnel to work with the system

Description of the «Forward Referee» system

"Forward Referee" system is delivered as a video server with preinstalled software. Commutation means for connecting cameras are included in scope of supply. Just connect cameras to begin working.

1. Specifications

Number of record channels up to 17
Types of input signal Analog (CVBS, YUV, RGB):
PAL/SECAM (720x576, 25 fps)
NTSC (720x480, 29.97 fps)

PAL (720x576, 25 fps)
NTSC (720x480, 29.97 fps)

720p (50 fps, 59.94 fps, 60 fps)
1080i (25 fps, 29.97 fps, 30 fps)
1080P (25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60)
Compression DV, MPEG2 I-frame, Motion-JPEG
Language English / Russian
System Case 4U

Disk storage capacity can be enlarged if necessary. Also, the system can be supplied with additional power supply unit, 19" rackmounting kit, another hardware configuration etc. in accordance with a customer.

2. Multichannel recording

The "Forward Referee" system can record up to 17 inputs channels simultaneously. For example, it is possible to connect six cameras in the field of hockey gates, additional cameras for the field of blue lines on ice and panorama cameras. Panorama cameras help to examine events happened outside overview of cameras in the field of hockey gates.

Click here to enlarge

Disconnection of one or several cameras does not influence performance of the whole system. You may connect cameras "on-the-fly" (when match is being recorded) without stopping and restarting the system. You may watch "live" signal on computer screen when recording.

Click here to enlarge

Any type of signal (analog, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI) is supported. You may work with equipment already purchased and installed earlier. It is recommended to use HD-SDI/3G-SDI signals for best image quality.

The system can be supplied in configurations for recording different number of input channels.

Signal is recorded with a high professional quality. "Forward Referee" system allows to use recorded material for furter editing. For example, it is possible to create a movie with the most interesting moments of the match to help training players.

3. Increased frame rate when reviewing video

Video material is reviewed step-by-step with 50 images per second accuracy (for the PAL video system) in the "Forward Referee" system. Doubled frames number allows to examine event in details, and allows to increase authenticity of puck trajectory identification.

Click here to enlarge

4. Magnification of image part

"Forward Referee" system allows to review image from any camera with magnification. You can move magnification area on image and change scale. Magnified image can be shown in additional window or external monitor.

Click here to enlarge

Changing magnification area can be done with keyboard, mouse or external console.

5. User-friendly interface

The "Forward Referee" system offers convenient and configurable user interface. Signals from all cameras can be simultaneously displayed in preview windows. Image in all windows is updated synchronously when events are reviewed. Reviewing events from several angles simplifies its examination and identification of puck location.

FDReferee - Click here to enlarge

Image can be enlarged and reviewed on a separate monitor. You may place an extra monitor for main judge to review disputed events of the match remotely.

Click here to enlargeThe system provides an instant access to recorded events. Delay between the event and its review is less than 2 seconds.

6. Handy navigation over events

The "Forward Referee" system allows to mark interesting events of the match (goal, violation etc.). You may quickly navigate over marked events when reviewing and getting a report. Every event can be coloured depending on event type to simplify its further search.

Events in list can be shown by groups - e.g. only goals. It helps to find needed events faster.

You can also use timeline for quick navigation over the record.

7. "Typing" of playing time in video frames

The "Forward Referee" system provides a possibility of "typing" playing time over video frames. Time marks are displayed in frames when reviewing a match and in report frames. You may select location, font, size and colour of marks.

According to KHL requirements time should be taken from scoreboard. The system supports different scoreboard systems: Nautronic, Swiss-Timing, LEDbow, NATA-INFO, Araneus, PALAMI and many other types. Support of other scoreboard models can be added by the customer request.

8. Direct broadcasting of the game to the Internet

The "Forward Referee" system allows to broadcast a signal to the main KHL office via the Internet. A standard and free Microsoft Windows Media Encoder software can be used for this purpose. The software converts video signal to Windows Media format and broadcasts it via network. Windows Media Player can be used for receiving the signal and for reviewing it in real time. You can also organize match broadcasting on web site.

9. Compact and turnkey system

Click here to enlargeThe "Forward Referee" system is delivered as ready video server with preinstalled software. Commutation means for connecting video cameras are included in the scope of supply. You only need to connect cameras to begin working. Simplicity of system usage allows to quickly prepare staff for dealing with the system. A single person is able to install the "Forward Referee" system and work with it.

Capacity of system hard disks is enough for storing multi-camera record of several hockey matches in accordance with requirements of hockey league. Disk storage capacity can be extended if necessary.

10. Video report on match events

The "Forward Referee" system allows to create a video report on-the-fly with events marked by video goal judge during the match. The system provides instant access to recorded material.

Every event can be exported in a separate video file, or all events can be put into one video file. You may "type" the time in video frames when exporting if necessary.

Formats of exported video files can be: AVI, MPEG2, AVC (H.264, MPEG4 part 10), MP4, Apple ProRes, SD or HD resolution (depending on resolution of used cameras).

Support of external consoles

You may control the system from external consoles (purchased separately), which are external devices with keys and jog shuttles. The FDReferee application provides a possibility to configure the mode of control over commands by pressing external console keys:

  • Marking an event (interesting moment) for further reviewing
  • 0...9 seconds move back from current event
  • Move by one or several frames forward-backward
  • Fine motion (accurate within a frame) using the jog shuttle
  • Correcting the event
  • Moving between the marked events in the list
  • Selecting the current camera
  • and others

Some of supported console models:

JLCooper Es-SloMo - Click here to enlarge JLCooper ES-SloMo/ES-SloMo J. Has a jog shuttle for fine positioning and more than 40 keys. Keys can be assigned to any of the main commands controlling the "Forward Referee" system.

DNF ST300 - Click here to enlarge DNF ST300. Has a jog shuttle for fine positioning, and more than 30 keys. Keys can be assigned to any of the main commands controlling the "Forward Referee" system.

Shuttle Pro 2 - Click here to enlarge Shuttle Pro 2. Has a fast forward/rewind ring, jog shuttle for fine positioning, and 15 keys. Keys can be assigned to any of the main commands controlling the "Forward Referee" system.

DPS Jog-5000 - Click here to enlarge DPS Jog-4000 - Click here to enlarge DPS Velocity Jog-4000/5000. Has a fast forward/rewind ring, jog shuttle for fine positioning, and more than 20 keys. Keys can be assigned to any of the main commands controlling the "Forward Referee" system.


JLCooper MCS-3 - Click here to enlarge JLCooper MCS-3/MCS-3S. Is an enhanced analog of DPS Velocity Jog-4000, connected via USB.


 Other console models are also supported (e.g. X-Keys), and support of more models can be added. For more information, please contact Support.

Software, documentation and price-list

This product is delivered as a turnkey solution (a computer unit with the pre-installed and configured system). If necessary to load documentation, go to the "Documentation" section. To see price-list, go to the "Where to buy" section.