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Auto Detect - Automatically Inserting Commercials

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Important: Auto Detect is an additional option that is separately purchased.

We grant a temporary registration for 1 - 3 months testing any/all of the plugins. Please, inform Support of your FD322/FD422/FD842 board serial number or serial number of HASP key and the temporary registration will be sent to you.

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Auto Detect is a program option (plugin) for automatically inserting commercials without operator.

Principle of operation: special software of a regional retransmitting station continually detects the input audio from the head-end station and recognizes the DTMF or jingle sound. When the specified cue tone is recognized, a special signal is formed by which the FDOnAir program triggers playing the block of commercials.

Auto Detect

If necessary, the ending of the block of commercials is detected analogously.

For specifying the start and the end of ads block can be used:

  • DTMF tones (listen to a sample of such a tone and an example of its sounding on air)
  • Jingles
  • Video fragments
  • "23rd line" technology
    (specific signal in the first visible line of the video)

The software package includes a special program for tuning the parameters and testing the accuracy of detecting jingles.

 For more detailed information contact Support. Information on prices can be found in the "Where to buy" section. You can download a current version of plugins software in the "Download" section. Detailed information on plugins is available in the "Documentation" section.