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"Focus" Virtual Studios - Questions and Answers

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This page contains some user questions on "Focus" virtual studios and its answers. All questions are grouped into sections for more comfortable navigation:

  1. Before purchasing
  2. At purchasing
  3. General questions
  4. Connectors and commutation
  5. Light, background and color keying
  6. Data and formats
  7. Options and configurations
  8. 3D scenes design
  9. Scenario scripts
  10. Hotset – operator interface
  11. Input and output video quality
  12. Sound configuration
  13. Typical problems
  14. Other questions

  If you couldn’t manage to find answer to your question appeal to support, or Forum on products. Also, you may read Documentation on "Focus" virtual studios.

Up 1. Before purchasing

Up 2. At purchasing

Up 3. General questions

Up 4. Connectors and commutation

Up 5. Light, background and color keying

Up 6. Data and formats

Up 7. Options and configurations

Up 8. 3D scenes design

Up 9. Scenario scripts

Up 10. Hotset – operator interface

Up 11. Input and output video quality

Up 12. Sound configuration

Up 13. Typical problems

Up 14. Other questions