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"Focus" Virtual Studios - Peripheral Devices

External Controlling/Controlled Device (via General Purpose Interface)

"Focus" product line virtual studios provide the ability of interaction/control using external devices via GPI (connection through COM port), which allows to perform different actions remotely in the course of the program schedule execution or mark different cameras broadcasting on air with Tally signals, which is convenient for the actors who appear before the camera.

Forward GPI Box - click here to enlargeForward GPI Box, a device transmitting control signals to/from the Studio, is purchased separately. The device is an external unit with USB connection. When the device is connected, the drivers being installed, the system emulates two virtual COM ports, either providing control of one input (controlling) and one output (controlled) signal, i.e. two pairs of signals all in all. Controlling and controlled devices are connected to Forward GPI Box via BNC connectors.

Forward GPI Box is designed on a chip produced by FTDI. The device drivers are available at the chip manufacturer's site. You are also welcome to contact Support on this issue.