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"Focus" Virtual Studios - Control Devices

"Focus" has the ability to control virtual cameras (or other virtual objects) via external devices, e.g., an ordinary joystick. A software module with joystick support is included in the standard Studio Delivery set.

Besides, it is possible to optionally purchase one of the Space 3D motion controllers for increased usability in controlling the 3D scene objects.

3Dconnection SpaceNavigator is a 3D motion controller. Unlike ordinary mice confined to motion on a flat plane, the 3D connection 3D mouse allows effortless movement and control within 3D workspaces. Allows you to move and rotate any scene objects, particularly cameras in real-time mode.

3Dconnection SpacePilot is a 3D motion controller, which has up to six degrees-of-freedom controls to let you simultaneously pan, zoom, and rotate 3D objects in every direction. In addition to the previous variant, it has twenty-one intelligently-placed speed keys, and each of them can be assigned to a certain action in the Virtual Studio script. It also has an LCD to display the tool tips to the speed keys:

Both 3D motion controllers have the ability to adjust sensitivity and specify the Z-axis. A 3D motion controller is connected to the virtual studio via USB. The driver and software module for the 3D motion controller support are supplied with the device.

The foregoing devices can be supplied optionally with "Focus" virtual studios.