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Broadcasting Total Solar Eclipse

SoftLab-NSK company participated in arranging the broadcast of the total solar eclipse of 2008 August 01 in Novosibirsk. The general arrangement of the broadcast is shown below:

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The equipment was partly placed in Novosibirsk State University (on the deck roof: telescopes, cameras; in the studio: Forward Goalkeeper, consoles), which is located in Akademgorodok. The other part of the equipment was placed in various parts of Novosibirsk city (in NGS Ltd company (Novosibirsk City Site), channel 31 OTS, Novosibirsk City Hall). The distance between Novosibirsk State University and the city center is about 30 km. The signal was transmitted over a fiber-optic channel.

SoftLab-NSK company used the following equipment and software:

  1. The slow motion instant replay system Forward Goalkeeper (four channels) to record four channels (three telescopes + wide angle camera) and replay the most interesting moments.
  2. The hardware/software system Forward T. Provided receiving the analog signal and transmitting it to Flash Media Encoder to subsequently broadcast in the network on the website of NGS Ltd company (Novosibirsk City Site).
  3. Active breakout box. Was used as a signal splitter.

Eclipse Videos

Shown below are the total solar eclipse videos from three telescopes and a wide angle video camera. The full duration of the eclipse is about two hours, therefore the initial and final phases of the eclipse are considerably accelerated (200 times) for convenient observation, the full phase of the eclipse being accelerated 5 times, and only the eclipse entry time and exit time are shown at the original speed. In these moments, you can see "Baily’s beads" and the "Diamond Ring" effect on the videos.

The videos can also be loaded to Windows Media 9 (wmv) files. Right-click on the corresponding link and select "Save Target As…".

Footage from telescope 1

Load wmv file  3.4M

Footage from telescope 2

H-alpha filter, solar prominences seen

Load wmv file 3.1M

Footage from telescope 3

Solar corona

Load wmv file 2.5M

Wide angle filming on the NSU deck roof

Load wmv file 4.0M